professional photography

When you hire a professional photographer, you get the benefit of many years of that photographer's education, skill, technical expertise and experience.  A photographer does more than just press the camera shutter button.   Understanding camera settings, guiding each client with lighting, positioning, expressions, interactions, plus skill with post-processing including editing and retouching, is all crucial to delivering your finished product.  Your photographer will spend many hours--beyond the few hours photographing your family--to ensure your final images look the best they can!    Every photographer has a different skill set, style and aesthetic.  It's important to view the photographers' work in advance and make sure their style is what you are looking for.  You want to be on the same page as your photographer so they can meet your expectations. 

my style

I combine elements of traditional portraiture with photojournalism in order to capture and depict a genuine representation of your children and family.  My photography style is relaxed, informal and fun.  Natural, available light is most flattering so it's best to shoot early-mid morning, or late in the afternoon, to avoid harsh midday shadows (when shooting outdoors).  If we shoot at your home, it can be any time of the day, as long as there is enough natural light. The light and sun changes throughout the year and each season dictates a different optimal window of light. email to discuss your specific session timing.

about your portrait session

When email me to book your session, I will answer any questions you may have about my process and we will discuss the specifics of your shoot.  We will select a location for your portrait session that suits you best, whether it be your home, your favourite local park, beach etc.  I will email you more information about preparing for your portrait session and include a standard contract which you should initial/sign and send back to me prior to our session. A 50% deposit is required to secure the session date.  The remaining session fee balance is due on the day of the shoot.   We will spend approximately 1-2 hours taking pictures on the day of your session. 

after the session

After the session, I edit down to roughly 30-75 images (depending which session you had) and I will lightly retouch each individual image to adjust for: contrast, sharpness, color saturation, skin tones. Within two weeks, I will create your private online gallery with those lightly retouched images. The gallery is available for viewing for two weeks and you can share this gallery privately with friends and family.  You will be able to select your favourites from the gallery, which I will do an additional fine-tuned retouch (skin blemishes, hair and skin smoothing, resizing etc) and once paid for, you will be able to download high resolution retouched files directly from the gallery.  I offer various digital file packages which will include high resolution files ready for for printing, enlargements, albums,  wall decor.   I also offer custom heirloom photo books which make great family gifts and keepsakes for your own family library. (see photos of samples below)

DSC_6366 baby smiles and pup wm.jpg

newborn sessions

Whether this is your first, second, third or seventh child, there is nothing more special and more sacred than the first few days of a newborn's life.  After nine months of bonding in utero, your baby has finally arrived!  You can see those tiny feet that kicked and kept you awake in the middle of the night; feel their fingers grasp around your finger. You can listen to that mighty newborn cry.

Because they change so quickly from newborn to infant to toddler, it's wonderful to document the little person they are when they first come into the world.

The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first birth-10 days of their life.  They'll be sleeping and curled up much of the time, but this can make for some beautiful, tranquil portraits.   We allow plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes.

Please contact me towards the end of your pregnancy so we can plan a session around the time of your due date.


please email for more information about session fees and your investment in portrait photography.


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Custom Photo books

Digital files are great, but the best way to view, showcase and appreciate your images for years to come is with a custom photo book! With thick, archival, lay flat pages, and choice of leather or textured linen hard cover, the photo book will elegantly help tell the story of your family’s special session. Speak with Lisa about selecting your photo book