"Lisa is truly a brilliant photographer. The experience of the shoot itself was wonderful. Working with children, and in particular a willful three year old, can be a challenge. Lisa managed our three children with skill and tact, demonstrating that she knows exactly how to get them to work with her. Throughout the shoot, Lisa's amazing ability to identify spaces and poses created unique photographs that we will treasure - they are like something out of a fancy coffee table book!  Each photo she took was beautiful. Overwhelmingly so. Lisa truly knows her craft and her talent is incredible. As our family grows up and changes, we know that Lisa will be there to capture us. She is the only photographer we trust with that very important task."   -Carla, Gary, Charlotte, George, Freddie, Maplewood, NJ

I loved working with Lisa! I am not a natural in front of the camera, but Lisa quickly put me at ease. The headshots and new photos for me website looked natural and were just what I was hoping for. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result! - Brett, Maplewood, NJ

"Words don't express how passionate Lisa is about photography and how much she enjoys what she does.  She spends so much time with your family and her goal is to capture every moment and feeling in that day. She has so much fun energy during her shoots and knows how to interact with your kids to get those perfect moments. She is a perfectionist when it comes to lighting.  She likes to follow us around and have us go about our business to get those perfect candid shots that I love and always end up being my favorite.  I always find it so hard to choose from the gallery once I receive it."   -Alison, Anthony and Cameron, New York, NY

“Lisa is a breathtaking photographer whose work has stunned all my friends and family. When people walk into our house and see the photos of our children or see them online, they are always in awe. As are we when she first shows us our photos in our private online gallery. Somehow she captures the inner light of her subjects. My children have never looked more glowing and true to their souls than in the beautiful portraits she’s created of them. We’ve had multiple sessions with Lisa, but after our first we declined buying a photo book. Two years later, she used a photo book made from our family photos as an example in a school auction and we saw it. All the memories came flooding back and we knew immediately we needed to buy it. Our children had grown. They’d moved on from the little people she captured lit up from the glow of New York City that fall day. But thanks to Lisa, we have a book of those memories. Nothing short of them staying little forever could be more precious. And, of course, babies don’t stay. We wouldn’t want them to. Lisa’s photos endure, though. I can’t imagine a better investment.” -Sasha, Rob, Samara, Alan, Adara, Maplewood, NJ

“i had the most enjoyable experience with lisa behind the camera for my personal branding portrait session. she made the whole process simple and helped me feel at ease the entire time. lisa has a knack of capturing the inner spirit and soul with her lens and it shows! of course, it helps seeing her warm smile behind each click. lisa arrived at the session beaming, energetic and prepared to embrace all that my brand promises to deliver. the result is a beautiful finished website with photos by lisa that are harmonious with what my company offers - good health!” sapna, dietitian, west orange nj https://www.goodhealthnj.com

"Lisa is a natural with both kids and photography. Her fun and easy demeanor allowed our family to relax and just "be" in front of her camera. The joy she captured in her stunning and artistic photos encapsulated a beautiful moment in our family's story. Watching my children grow up so fast is bittersweet, but with Lisa's pictures to remind us of that moment in time, I find a sentimental comfort."   -Stef, Josh, Cal and Dex, Maplewood, NJ

"Lisa has taken pictures of our family on multiple occasions and we are always so impressed!  The quality of her work is always outstanding.  Lisa is very professional, creative, and so easy to work with.  She also has a tremendous ability to connect with young children and capture the best expressions – both candid smiles and more pensive looks. Our living room is full of pictures and albums from our shoots with Lisa. The hardest part of working with her is picking your favorite pictures!"  -Ana, Taylor, Natalie and Lucia, New York, NY

I am delighted with the photos Lisa took of me!  At the shoot, she immediately put me at ease.  She is extremely creative and thoughtful about each photo she takes and the results were just lovely.  I felt like I had been truly captured in the photos--the real me vs. some stiff or artificial version of myself!  I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for interesting and imaginative headshots. -Sara, Publishing Executive, New York, NY

"I hired Lisa to help me create headshots for my life coaching website, and general web presence. I wanted something professional but not stuffy, warm and personal but not too "touchy-feely," and had no idea if this would even be possible. Lisa made it happen and I am so thrilled by the results! She is truly a full-service photographer. She came to my house and scoped out which areas and rooms would work best, we picked a couple of outfits together, discussed hair, makeup and jewelry. Lisa has such a fun, open personality that while I thought the shoot would be awkward, it wasn't at all. She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, the results were outstanding and I couldn't be happier!"  -Tracey, Life Coach, Maplewood, NJ

"I used Lisa to do headshots for my website.  The experience was excellent and the photos came out even better than I could have expected.  I wish I looked as good in real life!  I plan on using her soon to take some family photos because I imagine she'd get great shots of my son as well!" - Aimee, psychologist, New York, NY

"Lisa Rayman is amazing!  She has an incredible eye and is extremely talented.  She is easy to work with and our kids had fun thinking they were playing with her.  The pictures she took are beautiful and we will treasure them forever."  -Jill, Mike, Gavin and Jessica, Short Hills, NJ

"I always knew I wanted to have professional family pictures once my youngest daughter started walking. I wanted our family pictures to be more than us sitting in a studio, smiling at the camera. I wanted to capture the intimate moments we share as family - the laughter, the holding hands, the love we feel for one another. I chose Lisa as our photographer as I knew she could deliver and she greatly exceeded our expectations. Lisa chose an amazing park near our house and the only direction we received was to play as we normally would at a park - cant get easier than that! We hardly knew Lisa was there, snapping away. The whole shoot was easy and most importantly fun. Within less than 2 weeks, we received a link to view the selects. I must have looked at the photos over 25 times and cried each time because Lisa was able to beautifully capture our family and you could feel the love and happiness in each shot.  Lisa came to our house soon after and she spent over 2 hours with us helping us choose the pictures and provided guidance as to how to display them in our home. She offered some really unique items which was important as I was looking for more than just a traditional photo album. Beyond Lisa being an extremely talented photographer, she is an extremely sweet, kind and fun person. I am so thankful for the wonderful memories that Lisa created for my family." -Alissa, Ray, Lexi and Tessa, South Orange, NJ

"Working with Lisa was amazing. She has the ability to make people comfortable and relaxed so that everyone's personality shines through in her pictures.  With all of the great shots from our session, it was easy to work with Lisa to put together an album and prints. We love our high quality coffee table album, and I can not help but smile every time I walk by one of the framed prints in my home.  I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a family photographer to capture the spirit of their family for years to come." -Kristen, Lee, Mischa and Aaron, South Orange, NJ

"Shortly after our second child was born, we hired Lisa to take pictures of the family - no occasion, just a day in the life. What impressed us most was her way with the children. She was calm and fun and was able to hold their attention throughout the shoot - not always an easy task, especially considering that some of the photos were taking during an otherwise scheduled nap time and our little one was pretty sleepy. Because of this, Lisa returned on a separate day to make sure that we had the perfect shots of each family member. We appreciated her work ethic, sense of perfectionism and drive and we were very pleased with the end result"  -Nadia, Hamish, Sebastian, and Chiara, Maplewood, NJ

"Lisa is an excellent photographer. And it's not just that her photographs come out beautifully, but it's also that she is so fun and easy to work with. She helps you show the best "you" in your pictures but they are still really natural and don't seem posed."  - Victoria, headshots for online and social media, Maplewood, NJ

"We asked Lisa to photograph our two daughters based on a recommendation and we couldn't be happier with the results.  She tirelessly chased our four year old around the park and engaged with our five month old to capture the true essence of who they are right now.  The results arestunning and we receive compliments from all who see them.  In addition, although the shoot was originally just about the girls, Lisa talked us into taking "just one shot" of the whole family and the result was the best family portrait that we have ever gotten!  Working with Lisa was a wonderful, collaborative process; she offered guidance and suggestions but also respected our requests and was so patient as we made our final selections from the many, many gorgeous images.  I cannot recommend Lisa enough!" -Robin, Ross, Emma and Avery, Queens, NY

"Lisa is one of the most wonderful photographers that I have come across. She was absolutely brilliant in her whole approach to our family photo session. Despite all the cancellations, tantrums and bad weather she kept her cool and took the most amazing photographs of our daughters and these are displayed with great pride on our coffee table and various walls at home. I am really pleased because every time I see them I feel so happy with them. We have received so many complements from our friends as well - the finished product is brilliant! Lisa is such a wonderful person and I really feel happy to have met her. If she was in London I would have without doubt asked her to take regular photos of the family but unfortunately she is now in NY!"   -Anjuli, Raj, Rhea and Sara, London, UK

"Lisa is an amazing photographer. Not only is she an fantastic artist, but she was so great at putting me at ease. She made the whole process incredibly comfortable, and I am very pleased with the results! I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for headshots, family portraits, or other photography." -Josh, writer, editor, blogger, Maplewood, NJ

"It is rare to have both a sense of what children respond to and technical photographic ability - Lisa combines both with ease and charm. My children warmed to her immediately, the shoot was an absolute pleasure and the resulting photos were amazing. We will treasure them always." -Serra, Mary, Jamie and Jack, London, UK

  "Having a photographer spend a day with you may seem like a daunting experience but it was truly one of the best decisions I made in genuinely capturing my children, all their expressions, movements and quirks. The day became a story book about them and us as a family. I could not have asked for more from Lisa who simply let the day roll and captured who we all are. The amazing thing is that the photos genuinely portray us all and retell the story perfectly. The selection process was impossible as I wanted every shot blown up.  Thank you Lisa for your professionalism yet instinctive feel. We will ask you to recreate another story again."  - Sophia, Ella and Miles, London, UK

"Lisa took photos of my family and I could not have asked for a better experience, or better photos at the end. Her amiable, warm manner made her so easy to deal with, and she really was able to capture incredible shots. She was so professional to work with, and the photos were incredible. I’ll definitely use her again! Thank you, Lisa". – Rachelle, Melbourne, Australia

"Lisa took beautiful shots of our daughter, Hannah.  She really relates to children and knows how to make them feel comfortable with her.  Her pictures reflect her love of children and of photography."  -Jennifer G., Washington, D.C.

"Thank you, Lisa for taking such beautiful pictures of the girls! We are so impressed with the quality of your work. Your natural way with children and your engaging personality were perfect for our little ones. You are a true professional with a creative vision and we look forward to you photographing them again!"  -Debi & Rocky, Washington, D.C.

"Lisa took beautiful photos of our family for our Christmas portrait.  She was completely at ease with our young son and was even able to keep his attention and keep him entertained when he would start to get distracted.  Lisa does excellent work and is professional yet friendly." -Nicole, Justin and Liam, London, UK